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Australian bullbar manufacturer King Bars has unveiled a ground breaking bullbar range specifically designed for Scania NTG truck models.

The new NTG Pacific range has been "developed to offer maximum protection" to Scania vehicles thanks to a "unique mounting system and upgraded aluminium sections combined with a unique design to provide more strength than existing products on the market."

Available in metro, single road train, or double road train designs, the NTG Scania range caters for all new models and is adaptive cruise control compatible.

For metro customers, accessing daily fluid checks through the bonnet does not require the bar to be lowered, and for road train customers the bullbars feature raised centre posts for extra protection and a secure place to mount signs.

King Bars sales manager Craig Macpherson says the NTG Pacific range was created on the back of a growing business relationship between Scania Australia and King Bars. "Our business is to provide heavy duty trucks with the best protection possible, and the new Scania NTG range of bullbars certainly meets this requirement".

"More and more of our customers are opting for cab over trucks and that is why we are developing a range of bullbars that offers superior protection for this style of truck. We see the NTG Pacific range as a product that can potentially save lives and prevent costly repairs to trucks."

The company says the bullbars utilise the NTG Scania’s tow points for mounting, providing "maximum strength & ultimate protection". 

Delay to VSB6 version 3 - Codes H6 & H7

Delay to VSB6 – v3 – Codes H6 & H7 only

King Bars advises that there is now a delay on the implementation of VSB6 for codes H6 & H7 which was initially planned from 01st Sep 2017.1 September 2017 (Vehicle Standards Bulletin 6 (VSB6): National Code of Practice for Heavy Vehicle Modifications, Version 3 will become the new national standard for modifications to heavy vehicles, replacing the current version that has been in place since July 2015.)

This delay is only in relation to Codes H6 & H7 which relate directly to bullbars and FUP devices. There will be more consultation between NHVR, HVIA and the bullbar industry and we will keep you up to date with any changes.

Check out our Breaking News section for more info - http://www.kingbars.com.au/index.php/breaking-news

2017 Brisbane Truck Show

Thank you to all those visitors who made the effort to come and see us at our stand at the 2017 Brisbane Truck Show. You all made the event very worthwhile and it was great to meet clients that we have only spoken to over the phone or email. Having the opportunity to showcase our product and point out what makes us the premium bullbar and bumper manufaturer in Australasia is perfect when so many people come to the same event. Already booked in for the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show as well.

Kenworth T610SAR Bullbar

The latest in a sexy line of bullbars. The Kenworth T610SAR is set to be a record breaker in sales if you listen t the right people so we have developed a record breaker of a bullbar to suit. With a couple of tweaks on what we have already proved works on the other SAR models this will be possibly the strongest bullbar yet for an SAR. 4" posts in the centre, 3' outer posts, 3" pipe and a backing channel that has to be seen to be believed. Maximum strength, ultimate protection

Western Star 5800 Texan Bumper

Welcome to the family for the new Western Star 5800 Texan bumper. After many requests we welcome the latest edition the Western Star stable. This is a Texan bumper, FUPS, 560mm deep main base with 50mm polished bottom strip, rounded corners, radius tails, access to the factory tow box behind a recessed number plate. Like all good books the devil is in the detail so when you get the opportunity check out what this makes a stronger product then what is currently available to the market.

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