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Actros Pacific Range

Australian bullbar manufacturer King Bars has unveiled a ground breaking bullbar range specifically designed for Mercedes Actros truck models.

The new Actros Pacific range has been "developed to offer...

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Scania NTG Pacific bullbar range

Jun 17, 2018

Australian bullbar manufacturer King Bars has unveiled a ground breaking bullbar range specifically designed for Scania NTG truck models.

The new NTG Pacific range has been "developed to...

Delay to VSB6 version 3 - Codes H6 & H7

Aug 08, 2017

Delay to VSB6 – v3 – Codes H6 & H7 only

King Bars advises that there is now a delay on the...


See how King Bars are engineered for MAXIMUM STRENGTH.

At King Bars, the majority of our main base channels and all our posts are extruded and made of high quality aluminium. We are currently producing steel bullbars for European trucks as clients ...

Find out more in our technical documents.

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Our Range

The ultimate protection for any truck.
Carpentaria Road Train Bars have been protecting our customers for over 28 years and offers the best possible protection for any truck travelling through outback Australia.
Designed for maximum strength.
The Warrego Road Train Bar has been specifically designed for long haul vehicles. Utilising the King Bars Advantage, the Warrego has become standard issue on many of our customer's long haul fleets.
Combining strength and versatility.
The Hume Metro Bar is the perfect compromise between the strength of a road train bar and the versatility of a bumper.
European Styling
The Pacific Metro bullbar range allows the front flap to open for daily checks and the cab to be rolled over without having to lower the bullbar (on most models) of European trucks.
European Styling +
The Pacific Single Road Train takes the design parameters form the Metro and adds height for those who are looking for more protection for the front of their truck. This design also enables the client to have signs and covers as well.
European Class and Sophistication
Especially designed for the MAN & Scania brands this bullbar will provide the ultimate protection for those who are travelling where the chances of hitting larger animals is higher. 
The Ultimate European Bullbar
High tensile steel, minimum frontal protrusion, light weight and with tow points - the bullbar providing maximum strength and ultimate protection for European trucks.  
Imposing Strength
Good looking, practical length for b-doubles and PBS applications, versatile driving light options and with a hidden strength not found in many other Texan bumpers.
Practical Protection
We have used our proven design ideas from the Texan bumper and provided a practical option for those who are running tippers or similar allowing you access to sites without catching the bottom corners.
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    If you are looking for truck protection, including road train bullbars, metro bullbars, FUPS, bumpers and/or accessories then you have come to the right place.

    King Bars has been supporting the transport industry since 1988 when the business was established in Marburg, Qld. The development of King Bars came from a need for a quality, heavy duty bullbar which also enhanced the look of the truck.

    King Bars reputation in the transport industry is built on strength and reliability both in the bullbars we produce and the service we provide. Our workshop is staffed with experience and professionalism and we are also helping to train the younger generation. Our office has both big business and transport industry experience so we can appreciate the views of industry heavyweights, company sales people and owner drivers.

    When you want a bullbar or bumper that not only does the job but also has individual looks then we offer the ability to custom build to your requirements. This combined with the fact that we have the innovation and design flexibility to adjust to new rules and regulations means that we are a service industry providing service.

    From our workshop in North Tivoli, Qld we have the ability to not only fit bullbars and bumpers but also wrap and palletise ready to be freighted anywhere in Australia.  When it comes to repairing bent or damaged bars we will work on anything that still has structural integrity – this means that we still believe the bar will do its job when the crunch comes.

    When complying with the new rules and regulations we have all our accreditation provided by an independent certified engineer to cover the appropriate Australian standards. This also allows us to retrofit some of our older bullbar and bumper styles to suit the new FUPS requirements so our current clients don’t have to buy a new bullbar.

    King Bars are proud to supply bullbars and/or bumpers for the following brands: Freightliner, Kenworth, Mack, MAN, Mercedes Benz, Peterbilt, Scania, Volvo and Western Star.

    Here at King Bars we are working at being the best not the biggest.

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