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Delay to VSB6 version 3 - 01 Sep 2017- codes H6 & H7 only


King Bars advises that there is now a delay in the implementation of VSB6 for the codes H6 & H7 which relate directly to bullbars and FUP devices.

Following the release of VSB6 Version 3, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has become aware of compliance issues relating to the design and manufacture of bull bars and front underrun protection devices (FUPD). Primarily, it has been identified that many common bull bar and FUPD designs may not meet requirements for headlight visibility.

Initial discussions with bull bar and FUPD manufacturers have indicated that to produce compliant components, it will be necessary to carry out re-design and testing work that can not be completed by 1 September 2017.

To ensure bull bar and FUPD manufacturers are able to adjust their designs, the NHVR is delaying the implementation of Modification Codes H6 and H7.

When will H6 and H7 be implemented?

The NHVR has not set a date for the implementation of Modification Codes H6 and H7 at this time.

Prior to setting a date for implementation, the NHVR will consult with affected parties to ensure they are aware of all the relevant heavy vehicle safety standard requirements and have sufficient time to adjust designs and manufacturing processes.

The NHVR will not implement these modification codes until we have undertaken industry consultation and provided industry with a six-month implementation period to ensure their components are compliant.

What about existing bull bars and FUPD?

The NHVR will be working through how to manage non-compliant bull bars and FUPD that are already fitted to heavy vehicles. Further information about this will be provided following consultation with affected parties.

What needs to be done now?

There are no immediate changes that need to be made by bull bar or FUPD designers, manufacturers or vehicle operators.

Designers and manufacturers should however begin to consider what changes they may need to make to products they design and build to ensure compliance with all relevant ADRs.